The cutest things living on the Ethereum Blockchain as NFT

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CryptoKoalas are a CryptoArt project with super-cute Koalas all living forever on the Ethereum Blockchain. 10,000 unique collectible Koalas with proof of ownership can be claimed and traded as NFT (non-fungible tokens). No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person via their Wallet

All CryptoKoalas are programmatically generated based on handcrafted Pixel Art. This project wants to celebrate and move forward the modern CryptoArt movement. It is also a tribute to its predecessors like CryptoPunks or MoonCatsRescue! However, we think our Koalas are the cutest things on the Blockchain :)


CryptoKoalas are unique and carefully crafted CryptoArt collectibles. There are a maximum of 10.000 CryptoKoalas which are programmatically generated using sophisticated merging and image processing. They are 64x64px each enlarged to 350x350px. As each one is generated based on millions of possibilities, no two are exactly alike.

Each CryptoKoala is unique. They all have different attributes and features which mean some of them are rarer than others. We have different poses, colors, features. Some of them are animated and some of them have even a baby koala on their back! So instead of having spooky Aliens, Apes or Monkeys we ensure each one is very cute and has only positive vibes.

All CryptoKoalas are stored on the Ethereum blockchain following ERC721 Token Standard, which means they can be traded on platforms like

How to get a CryptoKoala

General info

CryptoKoalas are limited to max. 10.000 CryptoKoalas ever living on the blockchain. You can claim a CryptoKoala from this website until the 10.000 Koalas are claimed. Afterwards there is only the option to trade them. We implemented a bonding curve pricing model which means the price increases during the Sale. This helps appreciating early supporters of the project.

50% of the CryptoKoalas are prices below 0.1 ETH! Check out OpenSea for average pricing of similar projects. The earlier you get your CryptoKoala the cheaper it is!

Public Sale info

All early supporters had the chance to get one of the earliest CryptoKoalas during a pre-sale phase which is now closed (End of August). Now we are opening up for public sale which will start on:

09.09.2021 - 9pm UTC

NFT - What is it?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which means they are uniquely identifiable and can be stored and traded on the blockchain. Each token is owned by one single person and there is always a proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can see NFTs as the modern representation of trading card games, just with much more sophistication. In 2021 NFTs see a trending momentum which was never seen before. CryptoPunks was the first collection of 10.000 NFTs and is now traded ranging up to 8 million$ for rare aliens. In March 2021 the famous artist Beeple sold an NFT image for 69 million$. We do not say that CryptoKoalas are also going this high but we think they are at least the cutest things living on the Ethereum blockchain. So please do not buy them just in hoping of making profits while trading them, but buy them if you like them and you want to have a fluffy friend on the blackchain. Living in 2021 is a great time :-)


How to claim a CryptoKoala?

The easiest option is to use the Wallet available for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and iOs or Android. You have to load your Wallet with Ether to make transactions.
Simply click on the button "Claim your CryptoKoala" or on the sticky popup to get your fluffy friend transferred to your wallet.

What can I do with my CryptoKoala?

After you got your CryptoKoala you can do whatever you want. It will stay there as long as you like. As they adhere to the ERC-721 standard you can also trade them on platforms like or simply look at it. You can also print them out and enjoy them offline, knowing you are the only person in the world owning your particular CryptoKoalas.

Any issues or you need help?

If you need help DM us on Twitter or join our community on Discord.

Future plans?

We are very excited to have successfully crafted these cute CryptoKoalas. They will be there in the Ethereum blockchain forever. We want to run this as a community project. In Discord we will keep in touch and check what you guys want. For the future we have thousands of ideas, like Games or Leaderboards which make use of CryptoKoalas. But again, it all depends on how the community decides in the future. For now we have the Roadmap as listed under Roadmap


10% Sold - 5 Koalas will be airdropped to existing owners

25% Sold - Donation of 5 ETH to charity and 5 ETH to community fund

50% Sold - Establishing cooperations with other NFT projects to grow community and engagement

75 % Sold - Starting merchandise store and distributing free merch to holders in a raffle

100 % Sold - Airdropping one Bored Ape to one existing CryptoKoala holder in a raffle

Some fluffy friends

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